Your Dental Exam is one of the most important parts of your visit to Best Dental in Mesa.


Our dental assistants will greet you after you have checked in at the front desk and escort you back to your dental room for the dental exam.


A set of dental x-rays will be taken along with intraoral camera pictures of your teeth. Once the x-rays are completed your dentist will come in your room and begin your examination.


Your dentist will inquire what issues you are currently having and if you are happy with your current smile.

Your Best Dental team will check you for cavities, gum disease, oral cancer and evaluate your risk for developing other dental health problems. We will also conduct a comprehensive dental exam which checks your mouth for any signs of gum disease.


Your dentist will also discuss issues that you might be facing and give you recommendations on how to resolve those situations, they will also discuss cosmetic dentistry treatment options if you are not happy with your current smile.


You then will discuss your treatment plan with your Best Dental team who will go over the dentist’s treatment options for you and the fees and payment options available to make sure you get the best care needed.



Best Dental you Mesa Dentist Cares about you!





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